"I believe there is no more creative medium than photography to recreate the living world of our time...Photography gladly accepts the challenge because it is at home in its element: namely, realism-real life-the now" (Berenice Abbott)

Monday, December 28

The Quiet Storm

I took a little break and got reorganized, I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays...I did. The storm of 09 came a few days before Christmas, yes...we all got snowed in. I love the snow, it always looks so beautiful...

Thursday, December 24


Wishing everyone a Happy Christmas...

Friday, December 11

French Door

New York always amazes me, sometimes so many places remind me of Europe. Just looking at these french doors with the ivy on the walls takes me back to Ames, France. Good childhood memories.

Wednesday, December 9

Social Vibe

I know this is a photography blog, but I've found a great way for us all to contribute to my favourite foundation, it's called 'To Write Love On Her Arms'. It's a foundation that will allow young people to get help via internet. The foundation supports suicide prevention and other services and it's totally free to contribute. All you have to do; is click on the badge on the left and participate in a short question, watch a video or write a note of encouragement. Please participate and help save a life. Thanks.

Monday, December 7


I think the title speaks for itself...

Friday, December 4


I found this great 60's looking intercom and added a polaroid effect for a vintage feel.

Tuesday, December 1

Almost There...

I thought I'd take a different perspective of the new year ahead of us . Hope you get it :)