"I believe there is no more creative medium than photography to recreate the living world of our time...Photography gladly accepts the challenge because it is at home in its element: namely, realism-real life-the now" (Berenice Abbott)

Monday, September 28

Building 2

I came across this old building just the other day, for some reason I found it to be a 'Diamond In The Rough'. It's a classic....they don't make em like that anymore

Friday, September 25

Yeah Mon!!!!

I'm not big on Jamaican cuisine, but while I was on holiday in Florida. I found a great spot (restaurant) that served delicious finger licking vegan food...my favorite was this. It's a plantain sandwich served with salad, coco bread (which was my first ever) and a special sauce. OMG I'm feening for it now, it was soooooooo good. Two thumbs up.....yeah mon!!!!!

Tuesday, September 22

Sunny Days

Just looking at these flowers makes me have happy thoughts. Happiness is a state of mind and I'm living by it!!!!

Saturday, September 19

Graffiti Van

Minding my own business (on the upper east side). I came across this van selling fruit, interesting right!!!

Tuesday, September 15

Times Square

"There's no business like show business"....Times Square at night!!!!

Saturday, September 12


I will always love you...R.I.P

Wednesday, September 9

Grand Central

After viewing tons of photographs of 'Grand Central'. I thought it was going to be easy to photograph the area, but to my surprise. It was one of the most difficult places to capture the essence of history moving forward.

Tuesday, September 8