"I believe there is no more creative medium than photography to recreate the living world of our time...Photography gladly accepts the challenge because it is at home in its element: namely, realism-real life-the now" (Berenice Abbott)

Monday, December 28

The Quiet Storm

I took a little break and got reorganized, I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays...I did. The storm of 09 came a few days before Christmas, yes...we all got snowed in. I love the snow, it always looks so beautiful...

Thursday, December 24


Wishing everyone a Happy Christmas...

Friday, December 11

French Door

New York always amazes me, sometimes so many places remind me of Europe. Just looking at these french doors with the ivy on the walls takes me back to Ames, France. Good childhood memories.

Wednesday, December 9

Social Vibe

I know this is a photography blog, but I've found a great way for us all to contribute to my favourite foundation, it's called 'To Write Love On Her Arms'. It's a foundation that will allow young people to get help via internet. The foundation supports suicide prevention and other services and it's totally free to contribute. All you have to do; is click on the badge on the left and participate in a short question, watch a video or write a note of encouragement. Please participate and help save a life. Thanks.

Monday, December 7


I think the title speaks for itself...

Friday, December 4


I found this great 60's looking intercom and added a polaroid effect for a vintage feel.

Tuesday, December 1

Almost There...

I thought I'd take a different perspective of the new year ahead of us . Hope you get it :)

Friday, November 27


So I've decided to step of of my shell (a bit) and post a picture of myself.

Monday, November 23

Personal Project 1

Well the end of the year is almost here, so I've decided to add some of my blog faves of 09. Press play and have some fun.

Thursday, November 19

Remember When

While strolling around lower Manhattan I ended up in Tribeca...well I think that's where I was :-)

Monday, November 16


Well I don't think this shot needs a caption...do you :-)

Friday, November 13

The Bin

This shot was taken last week while I was walking around the city, for some reason I felt compelled to photograph this bin.

Thursday, November 12

The White Elephant

Buddha's mother dreamt of a Bodhisattva on a white elephant touching her side and became pregnant. Interesting story right!!!!

Monday, November 9


Here is a classic shot of three white mugs.

Friday, November 6

Name Change

Well I thought it was about time, I came up with a slightly more interesting name for my photography blog and site. Hope you like the name change, I'll be making a few more changes as we head into the new year.

Stay tuned :)

Wednesday, October 28

Dock 17

Another one of my favorite places in NYC, the pier. It's the type of place where something is always going on...

Monday, October 26


I think this one speaks for itself......it's a big red bubble

Thursday, October 22


Tuesday I was out and about taking pictures all day long and it was a blast. I'm normally not brave enough to take photographs of the city life. But I think I'm feeling a bit more confident behind the camera now. So here is a shot of people walking pass a newsstand downtown, NYC.

Monday, October 19


Most of the time we only ever get to see the glitz and glamour of a theater. So I shot this in hope that everyone would see or at least get the essence of the hard work that goes on behind the scenes.

Thursday, October 15

I See Everything

Intuition is the best instinct women have...It enables us to see and know everything.

Sunday, October 11


It's a beautiful Sunday so I decided to add something that would inspire all of us.

Tuesday, October 6


One of the biggest trades on 125th St in Harlem, are the street vendors selling there oils and incense. It's good stuff man...nourishing for the soul.

Thursday, October 1

The Mat pt 2

Yesterday was laundry day. I don't mind doing the laundry....I just want my own front loaders. So anyway, as I was sitting waitng for my clothes, I quickly took this shot.

Monday, September 28

Building 2

I came across this old building just the other day, for some reason I found it to be a 'Diamond In The Rough'. It's a classic....they don't make em like that anymore

Friday, September 25

Yeah Mon!!!!

I'm not big on Jamaican cuisine, but while I was on holiday in Florida. I found a great spot (restaurant) that served delicious finger licking vegan food...my favorite was this. It's a plantain sandwich served with salad, coco bread (which was my first ever) and a special sauce. OMG I'm feening for it now, it was soooooooo good. Two thumbs up.....yeah mon!!!!!

Tuesday, September 22

Sunny Days

Just looking at these flowers makes me have happy thoughts. Happiness is a state of mind and I'm living by it!!!!

Saturday, September 19

Graffiti Van

Minding my own business (on the upper east side). I came across this van selling fruit, interesting right!!!

Tuesday, September 15

Times Square

"There's no business like show business"....Times Square at night!!!!

Saturday, September 12


I will always love you...R.I.P

Wednesday, September 9

Grand Central

After viewing tons of photographs of 'Grand Central'. I thought it was going to be easy to photograph the area, but to my surprise. It was one of the most difficult places to capture the essence of history moving forward.

Tuesday, September 8

Monday, August 31

Working Class

Life is as hard as you make it!!!!

Sunday, August 30


On Wednesday I had some Jamaican cuisine, so with that in mind. I've decided to put 'Rasta' up

Saturday, August 29

Door Knob

Well I'm still waiting for Mr. Right, to knock on my door....where the heck is he. He should be here by now!!!!!

Thursday, August 27


This photograph was taken in Central Park a few months ago....once again I was trying to do something different with the editing.

Monday, August 24


I'm always going to look up...on the good and bad days because tomorrow is another day

Thursday, August 20

Green Flowers

I find it refreshing to stop and look at nature, from time to time

Sunday, August 16

Number 15

NYC is a diverse town many of the apartment buildings here still have that old skool charm.
Here is one of my earlier photographs (I make it seem as if I've been doing photography for years...it's only been 5 months), of an intercom still up and running... in the city.

Wednesday, August 12

The Motorway

Another late night out... I saw this as the perfect shot. A bokeh scene of the motorway

Sunday, August 9

At Night

In the city way pass my bedtime...

Friday, August 7

The Painter

I was walking around in Central Park the other day and came across this painter, painting a beautiful landscape scene

Wednesday, August 5

The Row

The Row... is available for purchase as a card or print on my redbubble portfolio (in the lamp section)

Lipstick Too

Decided to play around with text

Sunday, August 2


Out and about in the village and I came across this wall in a parking lot, das ist phat...ja!!!

Marbles 4

I have a few slightly different versions of Marbles....available on my redbubble portfolio (in the 'Flirt' section)

Simply Beautiful

My step-sisters vase as macro art

Align Center